Retail Merchandising Tips for Fragrance Plus Ltd’s Products

 The purpose of this document is to assist you to place and display our fragrances within your Pharmacies and Shops. We want to together create an experience within your Pharmacies and Shops to help drive sales revenue. These are tips we have gathered by speaking to other Pharmacies and Consumers.

 Floor Plan:
 As fragrances are impulse purchases, floor plan is very important. The fragrances need to be positioned in a way that is easy for customers to navigate their way to the display. They need to be fully visible during their shopping experience or whether they are there just to collect a prescription. A display close to the check-out is the most effective position.

 Testers must be opened for each Fragrance type. These must again be very visible to the customers. Allow the customers to freely try these. Either have a tester at the front of each fragrance type or where this is not possible, display all the testers near the check-out at eye level.

 Display Cabinets:
 While you may want to store stock in locked display cabinets, avoid locking up testers. A customer will hardly ever want to disturb to open up the cabinet and expect you to wait while they leisurely try the fragrances and neither will they have the time to do so and will walk away.
Fine Fragrances:
 If you are stocking fine fragrances, then display our designer alternative range near it. This gives the less brand conscious customer the option that a cheaper alternative is available too. Sales Guys/Girls can help promote too: Have you ever shopped at Savers? Have you noticed how at the check-out the sales staff ask you to try a new fragrance or mention a new promotion? Encourage your Sales Guys and Girls to do this too. It is very effective.